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Thread: feeding tablets

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2bullies View Post
    Libra, you didn't show them eatting it
    Actually, I didn't feed it to them because I made the video just for that purpose. If I would have given it to him, it would have been a double dose. Although, I did give them the cheese, I just threw away the pills and the bread.

    **I think that is the last video ever to be made with the pink camera. It now will not register the media card. I have to either buy a new camera or get it fixed before Friday** ~~~~~~~babies~~~~~~~~

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    You bet are my camera woman

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    Huge response to this question on our facebook fan page!

    cream cheese, or in a lil meat ball of can food

    Saturday at 10:33am

    I've only had my 5 yr old bullie girl for a month and she's been on skin antibiotics and benedryl pretty much the entire time. i tried peanut butter--i've heard how all EB's love it--well she doesn't and bc of her food allergy I am very limited on what i can give her---i wrap it in yello cheese--its the only thing that works--i will prob see if they make the can food and try that instead since it would be healthier for her

    Saturday at 10:36am

    the gang loves peanut butter...I just wrap some around their meds and it works great for them

    Saturday at 10:36am

    cheese definitely works but my pooches like all foods so sometimes I put it in a hunk of beef... or chicken... but cheese is definitely my first choice.... LOL!

    Saturday at 10:44am

    I hide the pills in a tablespoon of plain yougurt on top of her dry food. The yougurt also helps with digestion and the control of gas! She just licks up the yougurt and then digs into the food.

    Saturday at 10:47am

    My Otto eats mashed potatoes and hamburger meat because of his skin issues. If he has to have medicine I just hide it in a spoon of food and feed it to him

    Saturday at 10:49am

    i just put it in a "pill pocket". its a meaty ball and u place the pill inside so it tricks the dog into taking it

    Saturday at 11:05am

    Canine cookies: 2 c flour, 1 c shredded cheese, 1 c creamy peanut butter, 1/2 c Crisco..roll in balls, bake 400 for10 minutes..push pills into cookie while in zip lock baggies..keep refrigerated - put the ones with pills in them separate and marked..Bailey will be scratching the fridge door asking for them..

    Saturday at 11:12am Otis took the "Pill Pockets" like a champ, until one day he saw me hiding the pill in it...when I tossed it up in the air, he just let it hit his nose and walked off...hello, they ARE NOT STUPID!!! So what hubby does is get him in an "eating frenzy" and fold a piece of cheese around the pill and slip in in between bites of just for ... him, but for me, now I just poke it down ihis throat and hold his mouth together and say eat it until he does..but watch to make sure he doesn't walk off and spit it he is ticked off at me for a while...

    Saturday at 11:12am

    we wrap them in something worries they ask for more

    Saturday at 11:15am

    My dogs love raw ground beef....

    Saturday at 12:35pm

    Cheese has always worked for our boy. velveeta cheese is realy good.

    Saturday at 12:38pm

    I use pill pockets for spikes medicine. But sometimes I just put it in his mouth and hold it till he swallows it. I don't have a hard time at all

    Saturday at 1:37pm

    Cheese, Kraft American.

    Saturday at 2:29pm

    peanut butter

    Saturday at 7:42

    Ha ha, Carol, Dempsey caught me too. He also figured out the cheese trick. Fortunately, I haven't had to give him meds in a while. I will need a new trick the next time.

    Yesterday at 8:11am
    aka "Bullpapa DeLano" on facebook

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