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Thread: eye problem (need help)

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    Default Re: eye problem (need help)

    Okay guys sorry for the late reply but we have been around the world and back trying to solve this eye problem.

    After i noticed no improvement with my dog after a week of the initial meds and vet visit I sought more professional help.

    I ended up bringing Big Mac to a opthamologist specialist at Tufts Veterinarian Medical school in Grafton Mass.

    Come to find out he actually had ulcers in both eyes, one superficial and one very severe.

    The opthamologist believed that the ulcers were caused from a bad case of entropion.

    They said the ulcers were treatable with medications but without entropion surgery the meds would be pointless.

    So after the $1,800 surgery and another round of meds(8 total) we're hopefully on the road to recovery.

    My only concern now is that Mac still appears to be in some pain(surgery was on 6/2) and still isn't acting like himself.

    Could the pain be because the stitches and swelling ? I think the mood change is probably from all the meds but i thought the pain would be gone by now.

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    Default Re: eye problem (need help)

    Oh...I'm so sorry for all you and Big Mac have been through. I can't really offer my opinion on the actual eye surgery and his healing..but I do think he won't be himself until he FEELS like himself physically. Just like humans who are ill..they get depressed. If he is in ANY pain at all...he won't perk up and be your Big Mac! I would ask the surgeon and/or specialist how long he will feel pain and what can be done to ease it. I would put myself in his place and he has been through a lot...hang in there...he will come around!

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    Default Re: eye problem (need help)

    Oh, I am so glad you took him someplace for a second opinion! Poor guy . I am sorry he is still having pain. Hopefully it won't take too long to feel better.

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    Default Re: eye problem (need help)

    Sorry to hear about Big Mac! I am always drawn to eye problem posts because of my experience with our Lucy. 2 years ago Lucy had corrective surgery (called a Hotz procedure) to change the direction of her lids. This procedure is often used to correct entropian but Lucy's biggest problem is distichiasis--which is a big word for an extra set of lashes on the inner lid. Her lashes prior to surgery would irritate her eyes leading to corneal abrasions and ulcers. I will say that she had instant relief from surgery. She had hundreds of stitches and looked a mess--but she seemed to be comfortable. Could you share what meds Mac is on? Perhaps something is making him sluggish--or maybe he is allergic to something. I scratched my cornea with a mascara wand about 15 years ago. I was in terrible pain days after my initial appointment and felt like my eye was getting worse. When I went in for a follow up appointment it turns out I was allergic to the eye ointment the doc prescribed. It sounds like he is getting excellent care so I wouldn't panic.

    Also, in many cases dogs that have eye surgery may need eyedrops to keep the eye lubricated. It is not that the eye is dry but the quality of the tears are poor. We use cyclosporin and tacrolomis daily--and we also use BLINK which is an over the counter product.

    I will give you some hope. Once Lucy recovered from her surgery we haven't had one ulcer. We do follow up appointments to her specialist and we keep a close eye on her for changes--but thankfully once she had the surgery her eyes have been close to perfect.

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    Default Re: eye problem (need help)

    Initially he was on 8 different medications(drops/ointments/pills) but now he's down to just 3 but is still very sluggish and sleepy(sleeps almost all day)

    gabapentin (last dose 6/8)

    serum (last dose 6/8)

    atropine (last dose 6/8)

    Rimadyl/carprofen (last dose 6/10)

    Clavomax (last dose 6/10)

    the following 3 he is still on

    artifical tear ointment

    cefazolin drops

    tobramycin drops

    At the follow up the doctor said he was healing great which was on 6/8 but i know he's still not right.

    He has to have his stitches removed this week so I want to see what she thinks.

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    When Chunk had his entropion surgery the dr told us it would take as long as 3-4 weeks for everything to heal. Now while this is a different surgery, maybe recovery time is similar? He said he wouldn't be in pain but possible discomfort/itchiness from the healing. Just a thought. . Hope he's feeling better!
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    Default Re: eye problem (need help)

    sorry for the late update I totally forgot until i got an email from the site

    well as it turns out $2,200 later Mac is doing great and has been for some time now

    Can u believe it was dehydration the whole time ?

    I guess all the meds dried him out, I'm a little disappointed the doctor didn't think of this through all the confusion

    It was actually my GF who started bottle feeding Mac water and got him back up to speed

    So keep in mind that keeping your dog hydrated when they are on medications can save u a lot of money/time/nerves

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