Orion is currently in 1st place for the Drago/ Dogs in costume contest. We have a good lead on the others...about a 100 "likes". If you haven't voted yet..it works like this.
You have to go to the artists page and like it. Here is the link (although it says "login".)
Login | Facebook
Now you can check out and vote on the photos. You don't have to check them all out...but they sure are cute! Here is the direct link to Orion's photo. Remember, you have to "like" the photo, not comment on it.
Here is the link.
Fan photos from Bulldog paintings by drago | Facebook
Now, here's the thing.

The other contest I haven't been pushing, we need votes in. This contest works the same way. We are needing about 70 votes. Same idea. First the artist's page. Login | Facebook

Then her photo. It's for the best smile. Champ Waring's sister is in album 3, we are in album 1. Two different contests...with different prizes. Here is the link to her photo. Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More

The voting only goes until the 20th of May, so hurry and get your votes in.

Thankyou to all!