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Thread: hiking his leg?!

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    So sorry about that! I think you need to get him fixed, I think this should curve his urge to do this, but also you need to show him that that is a bad thing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristyle Morton View Post
    our bully turned 3 yesterday (as some of you might have known). well the past few months he's been hiking his leg BUT only in our bedroom & only while we're gone. yesterday was the 3rd time (on floor at corner/foot of the bed on husbands side) and this morning was the 4th time (on the kennel our female pup is in & at the same corner as last night, including the boxsprings of our bed). i am beyond fed up & hubby said we're getting him fixed on the 1st....question is, will that help or make him stop?! he is a part of our family & we love him, but i can't keep cleaning up his urine every time he wants to hike his leg on my bed..i'm sorry if that's mean, but i can't.
    We got Brutus fixed just over a year because he started peeing and marking in the house....especially on my fiance's work clothes and anything of his. I guess they feel the need to be the man in the house? Anyways, we got him fixed and he has not marked on anything in the house. He still marks outside, but hey that's fine cause we don't have to clean it up
    Kim, Steve and Brutus <3

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