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    Vinny had a reaction to his second round of vaccines yesterday. He got hives all over and he got extremely puffy , his eyes were so swullen you couldnt even see the actual eyeball. his lips were huge and he started having difficulty breathing. His head was huge! We had to take him in to get a steroid and a shot to counter react the reaction. Now the vet said they will always leave out the Lepto portion of the vaccine. Which is kind of scary to me becasue leptospirosis can be transfered to humans and causes kidney failure in dogs and humans and I have 2 small kids.
    Anyone elses dog have this reaction to the vaccine?

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    Default Re: Vaccine Reaction

    I have heard of this happening on the 2nd series of shots, I cannot remember who it was on here that it happened to!?

    Hopefully they will have some answers for you on what they did. I know they went to an early appt. just in case there was a reaction and gave some benedryl beforehand. Do you know what the puppy got (what brand) of vaccines the first time? Did you go to the same vet or was it at the breeders? There are many diff. brands of vaccines and no two are the same.

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    Default Re: Vaccine Reaction

    Lepto is serious , however it is most often transmitted from wildlife urine and in bodies of water , i.e. ponds. You can mitigate the risk of lepto if you are careful what you expose your bully to. Don't freak out , talk with your vet for other suggestions on how you can avoid exposing him to lepto.
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    Fort Dodge LeptoVax . I am a little worried just becasue we live on 7 acres, we have a pond , there is deer, skunks, squirrels and rabbits in my yard all the time.
    He had a round of shots from the breeder , I took him for vaccines at 12 weeks with our vet and 16 weeks. He had no reaction at the 12 week appointment.

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    Default Re: Vaccine Reaction

    When Truman was vaccinated, he received a 100 mg shot of Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) 10 minutes before his vaccines to stave off any possible reactions. I would ask your vet if this is an option for you as well.

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