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Thread: Soreness question

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    That is good news that he is responding to rest. Like I mentioned before Lucy had a pulled muscle a few months back and I'll tell you that it took so long to heal. We would try to get her back on an exercise routine and a few days into it she would be limping again. You may want to rest him another week and start back into exercise slowly. Also, I would not encourage any jumping until that leg has a chance to heal (if indeed it is a pulled muscle)

    I am unsure what dose to give for glucosamine--but found a link with some information below. You may want to double check with the vet to make sure the dose is correct. I use the branded Cosequin. Lucy takes the DS capsules. I sprinkle the contents in her food twice a day. I provided the link for that too!

    Glucosamine for Dogs

    Nutramax Laboratories, Inc.

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    i have a two year old with the same problem.. seems like when she overdoes herself with play and longer walks she cant move much the next day.. when i make a vet appointment she is fine when the time comes to take her in and the vet cant find anything wrong.. i have had x-rays that show nothing.. i cut down on the distance of her walks and the vet said i could be in the joint.. to try joint vitamins and give her a low dose asprin on the days she limping...

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