I haven't had problems with eating, although Bella's disease it is common, I am so happy she never did it. (or should I say lucky)

Jumping, I too did the knew thing, that is what we were taught as kids with our bully and it has worked. Just a gentle knee to the chest and a firm "down".

Eating others food. Bella is always starving so they have to eat at the same time and no morsels left over, Bella's food has to be proportional to her enzymes. So since she wolfs down her food, she has to sit before the bowl goes down and stay until I say okay and last but not least, she has a slow feed bowl. This combination allows her to calm down and eat slower. The other bowls are actually put down first, so Bella is the last to start eating. She used to push the others away (when very little) but now she doesn't.