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Thread: base heaters

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    Default base heaters

    i'm officially going to have to keep our bully away from the baseheaters in this house. we live in really old military housing and the houses get really cold so the heaters have to be all the way up and some days when it's really cold i have to open the oven & turn it on to warm up the house.
    anywho, Bo sleeps next to the heater. in the past he's burnt the top of his head & the bottom of his chin (very tiny areas) just by sleeping too close. he didn't yelp, bark, ect. to make me notice anything was wrong until i found it myself and put 2 & 2 together.
    last night i saw a spot on the carpet and though our puppy peed so i put a town dowl. well this morning the spot was still there. a few min ago i found another spot where Bo was sleeping so i roll him over... this idiot slept too close again and burnt his forearm!! it's not bad but you can tell there is hair missing and there are scabs/red areas. i'm going to have my husband look at it when he gets home (he's a corpsman in the navy) and see if we need to take Bo to the vet. i'm so frustrated right now..i love this dog to death but he gets on my nerves so bad!!!
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    Default re: base heaters

    Awe that must be frustrating for you. They do love the heat dont they?!! Are there a lot of these floor heaters throughout the house or is it something you could maybe use a little gate to keep him from getting too close?

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    Default Re: base heaters

    If you could get one of those Eden Pure heaters it would probably heat the whole place and you wouldn't need to use those baseboard heaters! Bo is'd think if it is hot enough to singe his fur he'd be uncomfortable and move away! Only a Bulldog!!!

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