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Thread: My Vet Insist....

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    Default Re: My Vet Insist....

    I think you have a very nice Vet!!!

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    @KMARINO you vet is very special

    I love how he soo loves his job smells and all

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    Never had to deal with anal gland issues. Other than the one time Sarge scared himself so bad that he expressed it all over himself and his back end.

    Never had a bulldog need his anal glands expressed...[total of 4 bulldogs in 20+ yrs] Actually never had a dog that needed it done. My vet when I asked about Sarge expressing his...said he wasn't showing signs of it needing done. And other than scarring himself silly to the point of expressing. That one doesn't mess with something that isn't broken.

    As for a vet smelling things...I'm thinking the one older vet that I used to LOVE...who loved the bulldogs. [Who left the practice] He would smell the cotton balls after cleaning the ears...So what is the age of your vet do you estimate? I wonder if it is a thing that was taught to them in school that is no longer practiced? Though he never asked me to "smell" anything.

    Just the thought of smelling anal gland fluid...GAGS me! For I just recall the one time with our dealing with Sarge that I ever came close enough to smell it. PHEW! @kazzy220 to me it smells far from...
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    But that would be a sarcastic comment that would make him look...puzzled. And a good line to someone sticking it under another persons nose.
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    Default Re: My Vet Insist....

    @cadillactaste, funny you should say that, I was thinking the same exact thing. My vet is probably in his LATE 60's maybe even 70 and I think he is old school and was taught to "smell" for infection, we all know that infection DOES have a smell. His son who is about my age (47) is his partner, but we only see Dad. I have owned many dogs since I was a child, Vegas is the first one with gland issues, I didn't even know what was wrong with him when he started needing them done around a year old.

    People actually drive as I have read the reviews, from all over Florida to see this man, I love him and he is an excellent vet and has many bulldogs as clients.

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    Well..since it is like 630 am here in sunny California..I want to thank all of you for making sure I don't overeat at breakfast!! Laugh..yes...and that's a good way to start my day!! And I am especially thankful for you all being "anal" !!!

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