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That's a very misleading review for Only Natural EasyRaw. So far it has been the best dog food for my dog for her allergies after giving her Acana Regionals, Orijen, Presidents Choice Grain Free Salmon, Actr1um, and Canisource Grand Cru meat dehydrated raw. Yes my dog has much bigger poops 3 times a day with visible vegetables in it. No, she does not have stinky breath and no she does not drink any extra water. And there are just as many comments on the Honest Kitchen reviews talking about seeing vegetables in their poop. It's like seeing reviews on Amazon, you will always find negative ones even though the majority are great.
So far...... I am very happy with it. a little more time will tell if it's a keeper And like even the dog food advisor said,,, ingredients are all good, and I don't think any of us just feed ONLY the food... we all add our extras be it meat, vitamin, oils etc.... we shall see