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We live in a gated community and we have people that maintain the grounds and maintain the homes. They all know Canelo, especially the maintenance guys and they know he's friendly except when someone new comes to our house and they tend to get nervous or panic till we introduce them to him. Husband loves football and does a lot with the high school football team so he is known, and our house is known. I didn't know how much till yesterday. We were at a restaurant for lunch and he got a call from a football Mom who lives in our neighborhood. She asked if we had our Bully, one was walking around the neighborhood. Of course there is a initial panic but we knew he was in his kennel and we locked up. We finished and went by her house and she pointed where the Bully was seen. I knew we had neighbors a couple blocks over that had a Bully but couldn't remember the house I saw it at.

I was surprised no one wanted to approach the Bully. Me? Come here you sweet heart!!!! We took him home and I got him water, Canelo's gel mat and fan. He was a little hot, red in the face and stressed. Husband stayed with him while I went a couple blocks down knocking on doors. I took post it's and wrote "Missing a dog? Call me" with my number no description. Four hours later I get a panicked call. Apparently Optimus Prime (yes that is his name, son named him) got out of his kennel, went out the doggy door and a neighbor's kid let him out to play with him while the family was out. He wasn't. Wet friendly with Canelo so we kept them separated. His family came to get him and met Canelo. It was nice to help and look out for another Bully family.

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AWESOME!! great job not giving any details and having them prove the bully belonged to them! So happy you got him out of the heat and nice, safe and cool!