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Thread: Pebbles Spay Visit to the Vet

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    Default Re: Pebbles Spay Visit to the Vet

    Isnt it neat they actually like green beans!! and oh how I love the ease of giving pills to my bulldog! had shih tzus and oh what grief they gave! I love this.. and, I laughed at the 'catching her in the other dogs bowl... I have my sons Chihuahua here most of the time and My Hank loves to throw food at or to her. She was getting quite plump so I sent her to my son to get her back in shape and now am watching these two's exchange Dogs are either protective or sharers I guess.. Hanks a sweetie but to Josie's demise!
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    Thanks everyone. Can't believe she like green beans.

    Started on about 1/2 -3/4 of a cup of green beans & she seems to be doing well with that and just 1 cup of FROMM.

    Saturday morning I got side tracked & didn't watch the other 2 dogs plates. One did not finish his food & I came back to pebbles finishing it for him.

    Lesson learned.

    She is taking an antibiotic for her surgery & I have never had a dog that will eat a pill without it being hidden in some kind of food.

    This dog will eat anything..

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    Default Re: Pebbles Spay Visit to the Vet

    I give mine frozen or fresh..I snap them for non choking I think every vet says bullies are 10 lbs overweight..

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