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English Bulldog tails are not docked. They are what they are. Some are straight and long, some are short and curled. Some are inverted. As for the muzzle, I think that is why people think a different breed. You don't usually see that marking on a bulldog.... but that is not to say you never see that marking on a bulldog.

Some bulldogs have long legs and are tall (Vegas) and some are short and petite (Orion)

If you have seen both the parents and the other litter mates... you have a full EB.

I read somewhere that English Bulldogs are descendants of the Mastiffs, but I couldn't find the information to back it up.

I think you have yourself a bulldog with a unique look.

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Bulldogs are referred too as mastiff type dogs in some of the article I have read when researching medical issues with Chunky