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Thread: 7 months later

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    The Sergeant is looking mighty lovely.
    Hug your bully today

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    Quote Originally Posted by asherose View Post
    @helsonwheels I didn't even list everything he ate! He was out of control at the beginning...and I was so used to my other dog who wouldn't touch a fully cooked turkey if you left it next to his food dish (unless you told him he could!). The walks changed everything! You are absolutely right though, we are nowhere near as cold as out west! My best friend lives in Fort St. John,'s been -40 there all week...I don't know how she does it! I don't leave the house if it's -10 or more!
    My partner works in that area and Dawson Creek as he's in the patch and if he gets reception he'll call. I probably see him a few days a month which is GREAT! Love my life as so! Lollll He said it was about that as temperature. But BC towards Van is sooooo much warmer.

    Need to walk Nyala somehow as she's a pain in the butt. Won't leave me alone to work. Might get her booties. That will be a show on it's own lol

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