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We don't have insurance on our girls. We have some money put in the bank for emergencies to cover auto repairs, life altering issues and.....of course......bully issues. I had to take Amber to the vet about 6 weeks ago and paid almost $400 for her to crap all over the doctors office. Yes, I said crap.........I got up and it seems she looked swollen so I got worried about an obstruction. She had been up during the night throwing up so when I seen her swollen I freaked out and we went to the doctor. Well, Amber isn't real tolerant of anyone messing with her paws, she never has been thanks to me hitting the quick a couple of times while she was a puppy. The doctor agreed she looked swollen so they took her back to get x-rays; I heard this god awful squealing then I heard the doctor say, "I have never seen anything like that." A few minutes went by and the doctor came back in with Amber in the lead; his arm was bandaged (OMG, She torn him up), his lab coat was covered in crap, the x-ray room was covered in crap, and Amber.......well, she was slimmed down a whole lot.......it seems they scared her so bad when they grabbed her paws in order to do the x-rays, they quite literally scared the crap right out of her. They did give her an antibiotic to take for a few days just in case and said it looked like she had eaten something but they could tell what it was because it was everywhere. So, the vet bill was $400 dollars........Amber crapping all over the vet......was priceless!!!! My point.......put the money in the bank and use it when you need it. Good luck.