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Thread: Luxating Patella Surgery

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    Default Re: Luxating Patella Surgery

    Still I would advice you to find out if there were crystals and what kind if so, before you start giving her any supplements. If there were no crystals (or they were truvites) and the vet just gave the food to prevent crystals that UTI causes (struvites) then it's ok. It's always better to be sure.

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    Can cranberry supplements in vitamin section be used. It's hard to get her to drink more. Although adding water to her food does help. I'll add a few cups of water to her kibble. She licks that and then eats.

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    Default Re: Luxating Patella Surgery

    awww!!! I hope Josie is still recovering well !!!

    Our Sophie also has luxating patella; however, hers is not (yet!) needing surgery....She also has a minor hip issue that's not needing surgery (yet)...Thank goodness! I do always wonder that IF / WHEN she might need surger(ies), how her spunky little self is going to handle no or little activity

    I'm so glad you had Care Credit availa-bull !!! It always breaks my heart that our rescue group gets new intakes once in a while that are surrendered only because of their very expensive medical needs (((hugs ))) to Josie!

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