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OUCH!!! Poor hubby -- he took a 'beating' that day at the restaurant, huh!

I was on crutches once because of being knocked over by Nitschke... we were playing and he went in to a full on spaz-attack -- ran full throttle into my knee with his head. I went flying in the air and landed on my ankle -- twist my knee and sprained my ankle. On crutches for a week
OMG! I honestly have felt stupid because I tripped over Canelo and got a black eye! And poor Husband for sure. I wore sunglasses where ever we went until the bruising went away. He's a great man. I'm some what glad to know I wasn't the only EB casualty! Canelo has played with people like my sister and he was swinging the rope so hard with her we heard it hit her knee and make a cracking sound. I was up and inspecting her knee worried he had injured her knee! She's fine thank goodness.

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