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Thread: will my bully love me?

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    Angus is a very handsome little fella, that middle picture of him jumping is too cute for words and I suggest you enter it in the photo of the month competition

    Bulldogs love everyone so no problem there and as long as your the one feeding and snuggling him he will love you too
    @desertskybulldogs you forgot to mention our bullies most loved items shoes! slippers, socks, and underwear oh and the odd flip flop

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    Default Re: will my bully love me?

    Weeeeeeeeeell, I'm not going to BS ya. Bulldogs do love everybody........but bonding is another issue. Trust doesn't happen over night and bulldogs have looooooooooong memories. So you got to shower them with kindness and understanding. I mean understanding that they are adjusting to a new environment and new rules. Be patient and committed and the reward will be a friend for a long time to share your life's together. Oh thing......crossing the borders.........make sure you keep updated on all his shots! Otherwise he'll be stuck in Mexico.

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    yes he will! i got my Bullet when he was 7.5 months old. i know he loves me. we have quality time together and he follows me everywhere. there wasn't ONE DAY that he seemed sad when we brought him home from the previous owner.

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