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Thread: Bulldog Temperature Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by NellyBelly View Post
    It's getting warmer out and I am wondering about overheating. What is too hot? I was thinking 75 and higher, but am not sure what the threshold is. Today it is 81 and varies between sunny and partly cloudy. We have the windows open, but should we have the AC on? What about walks? Also, we plan to take our bully to the cabin before it gets too hot. There is no AC at the cabin. What would be too hot at that point? We were planning on wetting her and providing a lot of water during the trip and keeping her in the shade. We also were planning on letting her splash in the shallow water. Thanks!
    You're going to get a few different types of responses here, but one key point is that you will need to keep a very close eye on your bully to avoid overheating.

    I live in central Tx, where it certainly gets hot. During summer, Nelson and I walk late at night (around 11pm) for about 20 minutes or so. In cooler weather, we'll walk for up to 30-40 mins. Nelson is a bit taller and leaner than most bulldogs though. I keep my house temp at 78 and make sure the ceiling fans are also on, as well as a ground level fan for him.

    Nelson tolerates heat well, but I would be concerned if he was out in weather over 80 degrees for more than an hour, particularly if it is humid, there is little/no breeze, and if it is very sunny. If there is power at the cabin, definitely keep a fan on your bully, as well as provider her with a lot of water. Also keep a lot of ice on hand.

    Hope some of the above helps

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    Thanks everyone for your help! We do keep an eye on her and keep plenty of water around.

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