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Thread: Working Olde- What they can and can't do?

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    Default Working Olde- What they can and can't do?

    Ok, originally these dogs The Bulldog and most Bully breeds were bred for bull-baiting, which was done away with but re-introduced on a wide scale in the form of boar-baiting. I am neither a proponent or opponent of the sport, I feel fairly neutral about the whole ordeal. I've read and heard a lot of people who are just totally upset with the idea that people still go hog-hunting with these dogs.

    I like the idea of weight pulling and personal protection/a lesser form of schutzhund, growing up with rotties and ABs I like the idea of a dog that is protective of it's home and it's people... and in return the people should be protective of their dog/family member. What are your thoughts on this? Why are so many people wanting to take the tenacity out of the bully breeds? ( I am NOT talking about having a ferocious, lunge at everyone it sees kind of dog, I am speaking about a dog with a solid temperament, that obeys its master, but knows how to protect/guard its home and property)

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    Default Re: Working Olde- What they can and can't do?

    The modern Bulldog is nothing of what his ancestors were... years of breeding has removed most, if not all of that -- the Bulldog for the most part is now a fun loving, gentle soul. bulldog is in the non-working category which would make them less likely to be a guard or protective watch dog.... all my babies have never cared anything about someone walking in the house... the excitement of another human to pet me is all the cared about. Years ago, we were house hunting and went to look at a home during the day (owners at work), we walked the whole house, got to the mater bedroom and their bulldog was sound asleep on the king size bed -- we entered the room, he opened 1 eye, snorted and went back to sleep.

    I worked at a dog center for about 4 years and Schutzhund was taught at the site on Sunday's..... it was all Cane Corso, Rottie's, GSD and Pit Bulls..... in my opinion, you can try it, but, chances are your bully will look at you like you are nuts unless you have a treat in your hand that they REALLY want.
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