Hi Tjw5000...your pup is such a cutie!
Not sure how old he is or if age matters as to when you start the coconut oil. I started mine when he was about 4 1/2 months old. I use organic, unrefined, cold -pressed virgin coconut oil, I found at my local discount grocery store (Aldi's). I started him off with a tsp a day for about a week, then increased it to 2 tsps the following week and now he's up to 1 tbls daily. He eats it right off the spoon. Most of the time I put it inside a kong toy to keep him occupied for a lil while. I tried putting it in his food, but he was not going for it. He's a very picky eater!
I not only give it to him as a treat, I also use it on his coat and rub a small amount on his nose and paws every so often.
Enjoy your baby!