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Thread: Bailey hates!

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    The length of Chunk's walks depend COMPLETELY on his mood. And mine sometimes I think. If it's freezing and I want it to be a quick walk, he wants to walk around our entire complex. However, when it's nice he wants to run inside. Darn Bullies!!! I do notice he likes to walk more when he's off his leash - so as long as no one else is walking their dogs I let him walk without it. We live in an apartment complex that is set up like condos - we have a HUGE area behind our apt that we walk on. Chunk likes to walk the perimeter near the bay ... guess he's like his Mama and loves the sounds of the water!
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    awww sorry he doesn't like to walk. i was going to suggest a stroller too. also, have you ever driven him to another location that is new and different to see if he would walk, like a park or something? from the other posters, i guess some bullies just don't walk. my Bullet likes to follow my lab when we go for walks so i'm sure that helps him. i haven't had him but a couple months so we haven't had too many walks with our crazy indiana weather.

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