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Bella did.

Yesterday, she started limping a bit again. (I ordered Nutramax Dasuquin w/ MSM, which should help.) Anyway, the point of my thread is...

Because of the limping, this morning, I made her lie down when she first woke up and started walking around. She kept getting up and I kept giving her the lie down command. Over and over we did this dance. I kept commanding, she kept hesitating and then she'd go down...and get right back up again. Rinse and repeat.

I wasn't giving in, so I would stare at her and give the command again. She actually growled at me as she was going down. She did this a couple of times. It felt like she was giving me the finger or calling me the B-word.

The nerve!

Anyone else dealing with a moody gal or guy? (I didn't do anything about the growling, since she was obeying the command.)
I just ordered some for Abbott and Wheezie.Abbott is responding well to his laser treatments and his Adequan shots.I give him one on Mondays and the vet gives one on Fridays.. I don't mind giving shots but I don't like it either lol.Abbott snaps at us and growls when we clean his eyes or try to get him up to do something..Its a battle for sure