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@1Chumly...sincere thank you for
researching & sharing this important information.
I use Dr. Karen Becker advice a lot, very trustworthy
and uses both, conventional & holistic methods to heal.

It is very controversial and new advice still coming out.
Best to be up to date on these new guidelines, understand
your environmental conditions and personal issues then
act according to personal beliefs & income.

I believe in providing the best nutrition & care, for myself &
my animals to give a strong defense against illness, etc, in
my belief that healthy systems are designed by nature to do
battle against disease, pests, etc, restoring health & balance.
If not, then medicines are useful. The idea of using TOXINS
on a continuing basis that may or may not work to PREVENT
an event from happening...just NOPE. I'll deal with an actual
problem, if & when it might occur. I follow this philosophy with
my own health too. I do not get flu shots, etc & research very
carefully, any prescriptions the Doctors advocate for me. My
experiences of dx'ed with incurable atoimmune diseases then
diabetes (mine is adult autoimmune & difficult to control) then
Fibro in my mid 40's and dealing with medical convention was
eye opening, unpleasant, expensive, scary & frustrating. This
is not an indictment of the many wonderful professionals that
care deeply and do a fabulous job, it's about the SYSTEM being
deeply flawed & insurance companies running everything. I was
put on too many drugs with terrible & damaging side effects,
expected to just do it, endure it, shut up & suffer silently. Not
for me! So...I don't want any of my beloved companions on any
thing toxic unless absolutely needed and then, as short a time as

I send love, support & compassion to every member & their beloveds
along with my prayers. We all do the best we are able and then give
God the rest of the burden, life is stressful in every way and y'all...

STRESS KILLS! Today is the exact day, my beloved, wonderful, young
husband died 3 years ago, at just turned 52 and on the ER room floor.
Gone in the blink of an eye, no time to even turn to me and say goodbye.
Stuart was a worrier & internalized everything, he also trusted his doctors
who ultimately failed him in various ways. One more thing, all the earthly
things he worked himself to death to give me & his son, he didn't get to
take with him, not ONE thing! Things can never replace people, no comfort
or love to give & lose all value in grieving aftermath. We lived large but I'd
live in sackcloth & a box if given a choice to have wealth or Stuart beside
me in life again. My heart is still & forever will be, broken, the world has lost
it's joy, excitement, security & contentment I once felt, broken, I struggle
every day. Please, find a way to live fully & gratefully EACH DAY, taking
nothing for granted, express often, LOVE & thankfulness to your loved ones,
do not stress over life, live in the moment, be content, be happy, be loved,
it IS a choice.

May God bless y'all...I give thanks to be part of this wonderful group, my many
friends here, my Cami who provides unconditional love, comfort & laughs & my
son, all of these are my treasures on Earth and nothing more.
Bless you Carol.... You are one very strong and smart woman!! Love to you