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This is absolutely a puppy thing. Matilda didn't like to snuggle as a pup and now that's ALL she likes to do. He's just too excited to want to cuddle right now! Plus cuddling for us is actually a sign of dominance for dogs, so he's probably trying to assert his independence as well. He'll get over it.

As for the bed, why don't you get stairs so he can come and go as he pleases? I'm sure a big issue is that he doesn't like to be trapped onto the bed. This way he can move on his own when he gets hot or needs water or something. Give it time!
@hnhammond, I hope you are right about it being a puppy thing. Both of my puppies, 3 months and 6 months, don't like to snuggle. They act like I am holding them down when I try to love on them. However, they do sleep in my king size bed with me, but just nowhere near me. I actually took my bed off the frame so they wouldn't have far to fall if they do, which is pretty often, considering they wrestle on the bed. I also have steps they climb up onto the bed from.

My first Bulldog baby, Shiner, did like to snuggle. He liked to be held also. Tucker freaks out when I try to pick him up. He stiffens up and obviously doesn't like to be held. I am more hard-headed than he is though, and I plan to get him used to it, and the snuggling too!