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Ivermectin is a drug that is used for several things.It kills mange mites,it is a de-wormer(in paste form) for horses/donkeys. I once was given 3 little pigs-they were so
covered in lice, I did not want to take them home. I stopped at a pig farm, and the owner gave them an ivermectin shot for pigs, and within 5 minutes, all the lice on them were dead. In Africa, people get "river worms" which invade their bodies, and they are given ivermectin to rid them of them. It IS also in heartworm prevention. One time the pyrenees outside ate the tube of horse wormer-I guess they got well wormed! The didn't show any reaction. It is also a cattle wormer, and it comes in pour on-which also kills lice,worms,and flies, or in liquid.
learn something new everyday..