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    Hope on the right topic. So i started rocco on his shots (antigens). On top of his allergies he has a skin infarction. So hes on ketoconazole for that and Cephalexin oh and atopica . I feel like this is so much. This is just his meds and shots. I brought him to the ER he was throwing up and his breathing wasnt right. Hes fine now.they gave him 2 shots one for his vomiting and o hydration .They told me to stop the atopica and ketoconazole for now til i go back to see the dermatologist. For the shots they said try to get a hold of dermatologist frist to see if its ok to stil give they said if u cant get a hold of them just go head and give. Has anyone ever had to go through all this? Feel so lost on what to do. our regular vet is not in today.
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    Oh no, this is like a flashback of my first bully who passed this Jan. She was on all of those meds too. We started immunotherapy and when they found she had an autoimmune disease we began atopica to suppress her immune system. She was on low dose ketoconazole to make the atopica last in her system since the atopica didn't come in the correct mg for her weight. We stopped the immunotherapy around the time we began using atopica so I can't recall if we gave the 2 simultaneously or not. We stopped immunotherapy because I questioned if stimulating the immune system was the right thing to do if her immune system was overly active due to the autoimmune disease. Atopica can cause stomach upset so we always gave it 30 after a meal. The atopica did help but read up on the side effects. It is known to increase the chance of cancer and my girl who was 11 at the time developed weird tumor like lumps that luckily went away after stopping the med. She ultimately ended up with a rare from of skin lymphoma which took her from us in the end. Who knows if the atopica caused it or just allowed those cancerous cells to grow since her immune system was being shut down on this drug. Atopica has it's benefits but also has severe consequences too. Your poor baby. if they an get the allergy under control then you should be able to control the skin infection. In my case we were suppressing my girls immune system (hence the atopica) since her body was attacking her skin and she ended up with MRSP &later MRSA which we fought for almost a year. It was like fighting a losing battle. You need something like atopica to help reduce the immune system response to the allergy symptoms but you need the immune system to work properly to fight off infection. It's a very difficulty place to be in. Glad to hear you have a dermatologist to help you through this.
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    Oh dear, this brings back memories of the battles we had with Chumly too. When we first rescued him he was not in good shape. The vet in the UK first put him on steroids (which helped but didn't cure) then Atopica and it didn't help. Then we did the blood test (worthless), then the skin test. The problem was, in the UK they just tested for grasses and they found 2 that he was allergic to so we started the injections for those. It didn't help hardly so he was put back on the Atopica as well. When we had him tested here in the US, he was found to be allergic to 13 things, including wool and the cat. His dermatologist here put him on antibiotics for the skin infections and Ketaconozole. We also started the injections. She took him off Atopica (after I brought a 4 month supply with me and you know how expensive that is and even more so in the UK!). Once the skin infections were under control, it was just injections. He still had flare-ups a couple of times a year during pollen season but the difference was huge. Chumly had to have his spleen removed in an emergency and they said it was OK to give him his injections, also when we found out he had CHF, he still got his shots. It used to worry me too about all the drugs. I wish I knew what to tell you. Just see your dermatologist as soon as you can and explain all your concerns. Hugs to Rocco.
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    Default Re: Atopica and shots

    I have no experience with all this, but wanted to send some prayers that they get this all straighten out so your baby can feel better.
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    Default Re: Atopica and shots


    Please, please speak with your vet about Apoquel.

    I absolutely despise Atopica. Everything I've read, and been told by vets suggests it's the method of last resort.
    And the only way I would ever use ketoconazole is in wipes, or shampoo like Mal-a-Ket.

    I'm gonna reiterate and say please speak with your vet about Apoquel. It works beautifully to control itch, which in turn controls paw licking and the like.

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