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Thread: 9 month old "puppy" not sleeping through the night - HELP!

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    Default Re: 9 month old "puppy" not sleeping through the night - HELP!

    I've never had this problem ... so all I could suggest is to put on the radio very quietly so that when he does wake up he has background noise. The other thing, as long as he doesn't rip stuffed toys apart, would be to get him a big toy/teddy bear so that he has a "body" to cuddle up to .....

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    Default Re: 9 month old "puppy" not sleeping through the night - HELP!

    Bring him over to my house and let these two wild women wear him out! Every night after they've been out for the last time, they come in and they play sooooo wild for about 10 minutes, and then they drop over in their crates and sleep til around 7 am. We never hear a peep out of either of them all night.

    There is nothing nicer than two sweet Bully girls, unless it's THREE sweet Bully girls!!
    Julie, Gertie, Ida & Clementine in Az.

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