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Thread: Country Dogs and Canelo

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    Default Country Dogs and Canelo

    Last Wednesday we went to our relatives that live in the country because one of the kids had surgery so I went to help and sit with her while her parents went to work. They have four male mutts outside and a female pitbull inside. We arrive, Canelo, Lola and Chug jump out of the truck and go in the house. The door opened and the caeous began, the pit, Zoe was in heat!!!!! Full blown heat!!!! I was furious because no one had said a thing. Canelo and Chug are fixed but the four males outside are not. Well it all turned out a bit comical. We walked Zoe separate from my babies, we had a parade of dogs at times, fights breaking out, bringing Zoe in, joy. We used Always adult diapers on Zoe but they wouldn't stay on, sooooo, I pulled out the duct tape and duct taped the diaper around her waist. See pic below, yes we did, lol.

    Now Zoe is the pit that tries to fight with Canelo and yes we had a bit of trouble in the beginning. The first day Zoe got outside and all the male dogs went after her, we were chasing them, Canelo slides out the door and runs to join in the fight, I freaked. He stopped and had this look like "yeah, yeah, yeah!!!! Um what are we doing?" Clueless, so I was happy he wasn't in the know with the other dogs and running crazy. We really had no issues with my babies but the moment I was totally shocked over was last night. We had been out all day, got to the house and I sat in the livingroom and saw Canelo laying next to Zoe with his head laying on top of her, both just chilling. He even started licking her face. I asked them, what are we friends now? When did this happen? Did you work out your issues and your BFFs now? I was WOWWED!

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    Default Re: Country Dogs and Canelo

    Holy mayhem! happy to hear it all ended up well with no serious issues!
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    Default Re: Country Dogs and Canelo

    Perhaps Canelo decided to whisper sweet nuthin's in her ear-figuring it was worth a try-she looked pretty sexy in the diaper a la duck tape!
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