Thank God she's ok Todd. I've had a few encounters with Hershey that came dangerously close to ending tragically. He literally ran full speed towards and ended up underneath a backing up garbage truck. I watched him push open a fence gate that wasn't fully latched and then heard the beeping of the backing up truck. I ran as fast as I could screaming for him to stop which only made him run faster..the lower half of my body was travelling slower than the top half of my body was and I ended up falling head over heels in the street. I honesty believed I was going to watch him get crushed right before my eyes as i lay sprawled out on the blacktop..he literally ran right underneath the truck and sat there as it stopped! The driver got out and said he saw him...and my embarrassing his rear view mirror. It was absolutely traumatic! Hershey is a bonafide psychopath when it comes to vehicles or lawn equipment. He'll run away in fear if I shake a plastic bag at him but will literally bite tires and fenders of cars. I had to stop taking him for daily walks because he lunges full strength at every passing car. I am positive if he wasn't leashed he would run under a moving car. That one incident with the garbage truck almost gave me a heart attack and left me aching and bruised but so thankful he was ok...When it was al over I kept thinking..what the hell would I tell rick rettinger? So yes I can relate to how you felt Todd! Thankfully Harlea is Ok!