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Thread: General ranting about 1st heat

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    Default General ranting about 1st heat

    Just a general rant....
    I came home for lunch and to let Ruby out for a potty break yesterday. When she was out in the snow, she sat in front of me for a second....I notice when she got up she left a blood spot. I knew right away....we had some-what been expecting "her time" to come soon, but we were still not prepared for how to deal with it. Our previous bulldog was spade before her 1st heat, so we have never dealt with the blood-spotting before.
    I did not have time to figure it out before lunch was over. I sent a message to my wife to pick-up some pull-ups. For the record....4T is too small.
    The we tried some doggy pull-ups. Bulldogs do not have the right body structure for pull-ups!

    Resolution.....toddler panties.....with a panty liner.....harness....make-shift suspender up the middle of the back, from the waistband to the harness, clip on for easy panty removal and security(sounds kind of sick).

    I was upset we were not prepared...and a little grossed out by the blood spots on the rugs. I rolled up all the rugs on the main floor and put them away. She was scheduled for spay in 3 weeks. We are moving that out to 6 weeks from now. Poor Ruby doesn't understand the fuss. I don't think she minds wearing panties.....she just doesn't appreciate the process.

    My message: Be prepared for it.

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    Default Re: General ranting about 1st heat

    Great advice and good thinking! When our pug went into her first heat I ended up going to Sav-Ons to get panties liners and got laughed at, they really worked

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