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Thread: Loving Guinness the past two nights

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    Default Re: Loving Guinness the past two nights

    good baby!

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    Yay .... go guiness!!!!

    Daddy is almost 6 months and I can say he never poops inside the house now but he still has the occasional pee. Of ALL our dogs of MANY breeds and ages i think he has been probably the slowest to learn. He doesn't seem to ever mind peeing or pooping in his cage, and I always thought dogs were very clean and liked instinctively to have their own sleeping area separate from their toilet area. It was incredibly infuriating because for many months he seemed quite happy to be covered in poop. I don't know if it's because Daddy was a puppy mill rescue and therefore the mother never had the toilet habits to pass on to babies because Mum had to pee and poop where she stood.

    Even now .... my keyboard and mouse is broken so I have just come upstairs to use the kids computer and yet my right sock seems slightly damp. I fear that at the bottom of the stairs there may may be a Daddy Puddle

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