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Thread: Question about aggressive behavior

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    Default Question about aggressive behavior

    On Saturday Stella was at the dog park. She was playing nicely with all the dogs, including a very large 80lb "Victorian Bulldog". They started to get fiesty over a ball. The Victorian started growling at Stella, and stella growled back. It quickly escalated and the Victorian attacked stella. It was a quick fight and broken up fairly easily. Stella did get a nip to her head that I didn't notice until last night.

    My question is this: Monday at agility class (2 days after the fight) she was very on edge. Growling at dogs in crates and growling at dogs that ran up to her. She also growled at a man that was saying hi to her from 10 feet away. She has never shown aggression to humans. She never has gotten into a fight before. Do you think she is just a little freaked out over initial attack? She also growled at the neighbors dog through the fence which she has never done. Very concerned.

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    Default Re: Question about aggressive behavior

    And this is why smart dog parks don't allow toys or treats..sigh..

    But yeah, I think she's still nervous. Give it a little while longer, hopefully she'll settle down.

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