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Thread: ImmuneIQ

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    Thanks for posting this.

    My thoughts- there's been complaints against them, and they won't disclose how they test so I can't take them seriously.
    What upsets me though, is they can say anything they want, and they know damn well that you can't prove, or disprove their results since there's no way to test food allergies.
    Even their disclaimer absolves them of all responsibility for providing accurate results.

    When you get an allergy test done by a vet, and sent to a reputable lab, your vet will tell you that testing for food is futile, and if you insist, the lab results have disclaimers that say something like "the gold standard for food allergies is an elimination diet."

    So please take these results with a grain of salt.

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    Agreed @blueberry's Mom.

    For me, i think its a good starting point for me and my young pup as this is my first bulldog. And for what I paid on the groupon/livingsocial deal it was worth it to get some information.

    If this test is true, what is another good source of probiotic other than yogurt?

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