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Thread: Bully bad knees?

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    Default Re: Bully bad knees?

    Quote Originally Posted by rjisaterp View Post
    Thanks. Jewel is a work in progress and with "Tincture of Time" and patience she will heal and be running around with her brother.

    @agingermom will start her journey on the 28th with Miss Bertha Bacon and to let you know...I'll be here for moral support. Also @xxaprilrose will be starting this journey.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Interesting...Thanks as I will ask at our follow-up on the 29th.

    Yes we will be going through this together! good to have some friends on here for moral support through this and some experience stories. We will be seeing an orthopedic vet within a week and a half

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    Default Re: Bully bad knees?

    I just posted on the health forum about my baby possibly needing the tplo surgery. I'm at a loss and so confused. Money isn't the issue (thank God we have insurance), I'm just not convinced he 100% needs it. I just don't know. Check out my thread please, and give some advice.

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    Default Re: Bully bad knees?

    Sorry haven't been on lately,my granddad passed last week,so just got back in town..i also had hardwood throughout,just use every rug you have,it works,wasn't pretty but didn't care as long as Jasmine was comfortable! Glad Jewel is getting better,it is a long frustrating surgery,but bullies are tough!
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