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Thread: Tail Amputation / Tail Pocket Info THANKS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosie13 View Post
    Have a question to all who have had their tails amputated. I had mine done a couple monthsafter I got her last October and I was expecting a little something left but the vet took the whole thing off, no bump or anything. Just straight anus showing. Is this normal or do most vets leave something there?
    It really depends on how bad the tail is affecting the entire area! Here is Bentleys pics right after surgery...the vet decided to take the entire thing off...

    This was before we had the surgery

    This was a day after the surgery was done!

    This was a week after!

    This is what it looks like now

    The only reason they said they had to cut it all the way back was due to it being angled down on his colon and it was putting so much pressure on his rectum... Seeing this though broke my heart as I was completely in love with his tail although I do believe the vet made a great decision by doin this and Bentley is happier than ever now!

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    Our little Lulu came to us with her tail amputated. She has no stump either. It just makes her more aerodynamic so she can run faster.

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