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Thread: I have been unable to change my "mood"

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    Default Re: I have been unable to change my "mood"

    You should do what I do .... and every day work your way down the list of moods .... I've been bitchy, blah, amazed and apparently asleep yet still typing!!

    Right now I am "just breezy"

    We're getting the lake effect snow right now and it is so cold and just continuous snow ... and yet setting my mood to breezy makes me think of beaches and palm trees. Tomorrow I am planning to be broody ............ which has one meaning in UK and another meaning in USA ...LOL

    And just as an aside ... look at the mood symbol for "breezy" .. I'm thinking of less "I'm Breezy" and more "I'm stoned"

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    Default Re: I have been unable to change my "mood"

    Our snow has cleared for now, we got hit just before christmas. Came down to us from siberia
    Is ur weather temp counted on degrees C or degrees F either way todays temp here is a quite mild 12 C or 37F, wet and windy
    Not as cold as it has been weve had temps below zero over christmas goin out was out more hassle than it was worth ...thermals, layers, wooly jumpers, coats ect
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    Default Re: I have been unable to change my "mood"

    Ok I'll brag a little, we're getting a heat wave. It's supposed to be in the high 70's inland and low 70's at the beaches today and thru the weekend here in southern california! I think Samson and I are going to go down to Laguna Beach on Saturday

    "Looking at a bulldog is said to cure the worse of the blues, living with one, serves to prevent them!" -Author unknown

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