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Thread: Hives again

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    Default Hives again

    Dont know why. He was doing so good I took him last Thursday and the vet gave him allergy shot its been a week and he still has not been getting any better. I took him a bath 3 days ago and I just feel like they're getting worse. I guess I just need to vent so so bad for him I took away his plastic toys thinking it was the plastic material I have not changed his food. We did change his food 4 5 months ago and he has been doing really good and then all of a sudden he breaks out. I don't know if there was a fresh cut grass that we cut about 3-4 weeks ago or the new toy he got I'm his auntie.I did take the toy away. that's what I give him enzymes 3 times a day probiotic 2 times a day omega 3 times a day his been on that since he was 10 weeks old so it nothing new.
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    Default Re: Hives again

    Hi Becky. So sorry you're going through this with your guy ( Sorry I don't know his name?). I'm sorry he's having such a hard time. Are the foods you've been feeding him chicken based? Do they contain corn or grains? These are things that many EB's are sensitive or allergic to. My female Blossom is allergic to chicken, salmon, corn, and grains. We feed our guys Fromm's Lamb and Lentil. It seems you are doing all the right things, giving Zyrtec, probiotics, and omegas. It could also be the omega. I had to stop giving blossom salmon oil because she was allergic to it. I switched my guys to Coconut Oil. Have you given her any new treats? Do you buy store bought treats, many of these have grains, chemicals, and lots of preservatives. If its to diet related, it could also be something new in the environment such as new laundry soap, cleaner, or shampoo? And it can also be from environmental causes like grass, or a bug bite. You can have her tested for allergies to know for sure. It can be frustrating trying to figure out what the cause is, and it's trial and error, and elimination or going totally back to basics, and then reintroducing one thing at a time, to see what causes a reaction. I hope you are able to figure out what is causing the allergic reactions, and she feels better soon.

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    Default Re: Hives again

    Hi Monica THANK u. I did give him new treats. I got them cause he was ok, but know that I think about it and I just reread the ingredients online. It has grain in it. I feel so bad I did this to my Rocco. He dose eat chicken. Hes been on chicken since he was little. Thank u again
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    Default Re: Hives again

    I was searching for the same information, much obliged for this post.

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