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Thread: 20 things

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    20 things about Bolder

    1) His full name is Sir BoldDeGuard (I'm a hugh Game of Thrones fan and his job is to protect Arrya
    2) He was Born 5-30-14 (The same day we lost our cat Zoe)
    3) He loves to sleep on his back
    4) He loves bells, his mommy Labrador
    5) He nurses every chance he gets.
    6) He loves his kennel and never fusses at bed or nap time.
    7) He talks constantly and loves chatting with his toys.
    8) He is obsessed with my 3 cats and HAS to learn they rule the house.
    9) House breaking is very easy with him. If the door is open, he takes himself to go potty 90% of the time
    10) He is VERY jealous over any treat or toy the other dog has and will run by and snatch it from her mouth any chance he gets.
    11) He is Puperoni treat responsive. He will do ANYTHING for puperonis. But if he doesn't see/smell the treat he will do nothing I ask of him.
    12) if I say Ah ah no Bolder, he puts his ears back and head down pouting and runs from me.
    13) He is a Terd burglar. Deer, cow, horse and cat poo is free game.
    14) He has slept through the night all week.
    15) He loves sun bathing, but I only allow a few minutes at a time.
    16) He runs for the hills anytime he's outside. We live on acres and I'm always chasing him around the yard.
    17) He love to load up and stick his head out the window, but hates the wind in his ears.
    18) He is getting VERY cuddly and it makes me very happy.
    19) He is fearless but sweet.
    20) He is ALL MINE! Not my husbands dog, but my sniggle bunny.

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    1. George's full name is King George Michael of Title Town.
    2. George loves to ride in the car. He stands up in the backseat and "surfs".
    3. He will do anything and I mean anything for a butt scratch.
    4. George is my shadow & it drives his dad crazy.
    5. He will not get in the bed until I am in bed.
    6. George has a hedgehog that he tucks in at night & it cracks me up.
    7. George comes to all of my football games (high school cheerleading sponsor) & he wears his jersey proudly.
    8. George loves going to the quad on Bama gamedays.
    9. When he has to be boarded, he sits up front with the receptionist. Can you say spoiled?
    10. George will do anything for food.
    11. He is learning how to skateboard and is pretty damn good.
    12. He is the favorite grandchild & my mother is not shy about it.
    13. He used to poop in my shoes when he was a pup.
    14. George has destroyed 6 pairs of my shoes... sneaky rascal.
    15. He just turned one!!
    16. George is a celebrity at a local BBQ restaurant & gets his own plate when we go.
    17. He has allergies and very sensitive skin.
    18. He was the only boy in his litter.
    19. George sleeps on a pillow and covers up like a person.
    20. George LOVES ice.

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    20 Things about Swagger

    1. He has a million nicknames, most notably, Squiggles (squiggle butt, squiggle pants), big guy, Dr. Puppers, Swag and of course, Mr. McGoober butt
    2. He came from a litter of 9, he was the 2nd smallest one. It was his moms third litter (4,6,9) and she didnt lose a single puppy
    3. He has brindle ears, but the rest of him is brown and white
    4. He hates bath's but loves running in the sprinklers and in the ocean.
    5. He had cherry eye in both eyes which were removed
    6. He loves playing fetch in the house and will bark if you stop (its actually a really bad habit).
    7. He loves walks, going to the park and can run all day.
    8. He loves other dogs and playing with big dogs. He's not afraid to wrestle.
    9. When my wife or i get home from going out or work, he always greats us with something in his mouth. If he doesnt have anything, he will franticly run around looking for something to bring us.
    10. He hates laptops for whatever reason.
    11. He loves car rides and sticking his head out of the window.
    12. He is spoiled and super stubborn
    13. If you say the words "cute dog" he will stop what hes doing, his ears will perk and he will tilt his head.
    14. He got a birthday cake for when he turned 1
    15. He will be 2 in 2 months
    16. he is terrified of guitars, pianos, and my hockey sticks.
    17. He loves going into play-bow. It is His go to move
    18. He is kennel trained and house trained
    19. He loves balls, especially the kick fetch indoor balls (he has 3)
    20. We thought him to army crawl across the floor for treats
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    My baby's name is :
    #1 Bosco
    #2 he is 2 yr.s old...and still very much a puppy..never gets tired will go and go, I have to make him stop and rest.
    #3 never thought I'd own a bully..but this dog is like my CHILD, I'd live in my car to keep him
    #4 he snores about as loud as my husband...or a freight train whichever is louder
    #5 )he is the sweetest boy, ask a kiss he'll lick your lips
    #6 he loves everything and everybody except my son's old rat terrier who attacked him when was a baby...he has carried a grudge ever since..we have to keep them separated at all times a real PITA!
    #7 No matter what, he will pee on anything warm and fuzzy in his crate.....:-(
    #8 he fetches like a champ...Won't let ho, has to be a tug of war...if you quit the game, he will slowly inch the toy using his nose into your lap, he especially loves getting things thrown up the stairs. Also loveserves loves loves chasing the laser pointer...great exercise
    #9 he has such absolute trust in my husband, he stands perfectly still for some uncomfortable medications, eye drops , fold wash ect.
    #10 he hates going to bed, stands in the living room hiding behind someone...but the allure of a treat he just can't help himself.
    #11. Trees.trees trees, those leaves! He will jump into the air trying forever to reach them, I have to pull him away before he gives himself a heart attack.
    #12 his nick name from mama is "boo boo" , he only responds from me to that name, daddy asks "where's mama"? And he will look for me. :-)
    #13 he loves car rides ,walks, runs, he just princes like a showdog...a bit conceited I think, of course he's incredibly handsome, he can't help it lol. Strangers always tell him he's so good looking!
    #14 he can only get a really good stretch of sleep in his crate, with sheets over the cracks, otherwise one eye is half open thinking he might miss something
    #15 I'd love to let him sleep on my bed with us...but blankets are the ultimate pee object....might as well paint them red and call them fire hydrant.
    #16 I secretly wish I could clone him, best dog in the whole world.
    #17 I've never heard him yelp ever! He acts like nothing bothers him pain wise (this hurts my feelings. Why???)
    #18 he will jump on a chair to climb up on the table, once he climbed 3 items to get on the counter.

    #19 the more tired he gets, the more of a terror he becomes, getting into every single thing he's not supposed to.
    #20 everyone wants to keep my dog, I'm afraid a stranger will follow me home and dog nap him. He's not neutered, he might have to be just to remove that temptation.

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    Love this thread!

    My sunshine doesn’t come from the skies,
    It comes from the love in my dog’s eyes.

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