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Thread: Prolapsed urethra

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    I was somewhat hesitant to respond to this thread but I figured I would share my experience.

    When Goob was about 6 months old he was playing with his favorite pug friends. I noticed that there was some blood on the ground so my friend and I checked our dog's cheeks and face b/c sometimes the puppies would grab each other and break the skin (nothing vicious just puppy play). There weren't any cuts but when Goob stood up, there was a little bit of blood on the concrete. I checked his boy part and it looked EXACTLY like the picture above with a LITTLE bit of blood. My friend knew what it was and she told me to research it and if necessary, call his vet.

    I took him home and checked it out. The stories were not pretty, sometimes prolapsed urethra is life threatening. BUT it went away the next day and figured maybe, I (in my genius), misdiagnosed him. When I was doing my research it indicated that the surgery wasn't always successful and that some dogs could grow up with their boy parts returning to normal. I believe that is what happened with Goob. His boy part only resembled the above picture once a month or less and it only bled a couple drops once or twice more within his first year with us.

    His little boy part is now normal and we have never had an issue with him (He is now 3 1/2 years old). The reason for my hesitance in responding to this thread was that I didn't want anyone to think I was suggesting that they ignore this issue. Goob's vet was a good friend and she told us that she wasn't concerned about it since she always saw him when his boy part looked normal. I never saw blood around this area other than the couple times he was playing with his pug friends.

    I truly wish you and Bruiser the best when he has his surgery!

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    Marlow just had surgery on Friday. Also got him neutered. The cost was 900. Still bleeding today but hoping it gets better.

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