I agree with @2BullyMama. Redirecting was what I have been doing with my Jake at the very beginning. In our home, I don't hide garbage bins in any room even the kitchen garbage (I have the regular open no lid kind bin). My shoes are lying on the floor and I don't have to worry about him biting them and playing with it like toys. I started with redirecting and saying "no biting" when he was really young (he is only 4 1/2 months now). If He would steal a shoe and start biting on it, I would go approach him and show him I'm the Mom and I say no biting. I made sure he looked at me in the eye (very important) before I remove whatever he was not supposed to be biting and then I walk away. Fast forward, when he does that now, I just make the sound "eh eh eh" and say "no biting" and he looks at me, pause a little bit (probably trying to gauge me if I'm losing my cool?) and walks away and play with something else he is allowed to.

Somebody told me before that puppies love peanut butter. So I bought this Kong peanut butter and they are expensive! Well, I've found out that my Jake doesn't like peanut butter! So what I did, I would taint the items he would love to bite with PB without worrying that he will get poisoned. I just put a pea size on the items and it worked like a repellant. Now I no longer do that as he pretty much know which ones he is allowed to play.

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