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Thread: Does your bully like fireworks?

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    Default Re: Does your bully like fireworks?

    Well it's the morning after now… Lol

    We had a BBQ yesterday, and my friend brought her chocolate lab Charlie ( Roxie's BF) anyhoo… we were watching a movie w/Marcus & the dogs were so worn out from having Charlie here they slept thru the whole thing. It's UNREAL here in TN, they started the fireworks around 7pm, and they were still going off around 1am

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    Default Re: Does your bully like fireworks?

    The 4th was my first night with Nelson and Fireworks. He handled them like a champ.
    I made sure to be home and do kinda normal stuff, so everything felt "in routine".

    As the fireworks started, he dozed quietly on his bed in my home-office. He got up a couple of times when
    some fireworks went off seeming overhead, but I tossed him a snack on his bed, and he ate it and went back to dozing.

    I have seen other dogs (normally calm) completely freak out/hyperventilate during fireworks, so I don't know if this is a
    learned behaviour, or an ancestral one. My plan was to basically stay calm and do things as normal -- but I honestly don't know if that works for all dogs.

    I'm glad that his Lordship (Nelson) keeps a calm demeanor at all times (aside from when chasing rabbits).

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