Hi Ralph, you can do the neuter surgery anywhere after 6 months of age. We spayed and neutered our guys at the age of 7 months, before Blossom went into heat, because I have a male and female, siblings, and couldn't keep them separate.
Im not sure what the prices are for microchipping, as my guys were done by the breeder before we bought them. I'm also not sure what the prices for neutering is in the United States. I live in Canada, and spay surgery here was about $400, and the neuter surgery was about $295. You don't need to register your bully if you are not going to show them. If they are a pet and part of the family, no need to pay to register them with the AKC. We were given the option for IV fluids or not, and we chose to add the IV fluids, it was about $45 extra, but is better for your dog not just for adding the pain medications without having to re-poke him each time, but it's a good idea for providing extra fluids during and after surgery.