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Thread: Tasty Chew Toy - Your Recommendations?

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    Default Re: Tasty Chew Toy - Your Recommendations?

    I recently had a startling conversation with my professional dog trainer. I asked him, what chew toys does he have at home for his dogs? He looked me in the eye and said, "None, my dogs don't chew on anything." Shock! Wow, I never considered that possibility. I've had nothing but problems, including one horribly expensive surgery, over chew toys. Bulldogs destroy them. So, suddenly, late in the game, I discover I don't really have to put toys out for them. I picked up all the chew toys, even the massively tough and expensive Kong toys, and put them away. As far as I can tell, my two dogs haven't even missed them. They seem perfectly happy without them. Problem solved! Boy, I wish I had the conversation with my trainer earlier, before Lily had to be cut open to retrieve that piece of hard rubber she chewed off that toy.

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    Default Re: Tasty Chew Toy - Your Recommendations?

    Someone recommended to me that if the dog loses interest in the antlers, to simmer them in chicken broth for 30 mins. He said his dogs get super excited for them after they pick up the chicken broth taste.

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    Default Re: Tasty Chew Toy - Your Recommendations?


    Baxter has been chewing on the antlers from the company you suggested for awhile now and he's already chewing through them. Is that supposed to happen? One had some "tips" on one side, and he chewed through those and began coughing because these antler pieces started getting stuck in his throat. So I took it away. They seem extremely soft compared to others I've given him. Does this happen with you guys? Here's a pic:

    Unfortunately he also cut himself and there was some blood on it.


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    Default Re: Tasty Chew Toy - Your Recommendations?

    Over time Harlea has been able to chew the points down. The smaller one qiucker than the thicker ones. How thick is the outer ring that separates between the outside and the core? What i have found with Harlea recently when she does chew on the elk ones is that she does the same thing you are describing as the outer ring is only about 1/8 to 3/16 thick. With the moose antler she doesn't cough at all and the outer ring on thay varies from 1/4 to 5/16. I asked one of my vets about it a few weeks ago and she told us that the thicker the outer ring the better and that if you can find craft quality antlers of any type that is much better for them to chew on as they are more dense.

    As for the bleeding.... Yep Harlea has cut herself a few times due to a sharp edge from where they cut it. I just used one of my sanders and beveled it at bit and it hasn't happened since.

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