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Thread: Puking when playing hard?

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    Baxter Tiberius

    Default Puking when playing hard?

    I always make sure not to let Baxter go to doggy park unless its been at least a couple hours after a meal.
    Yet still, every time he goes, he runs FULL BLAST as hard as he can with the other dogs.
    Goes FULL STEAM and sometimes can't keep up. But he's fairly slim and does a good job.
    Its not long (even if its totally cool outside) before he is gasping for air like he's going to die.

    Its at this point that I get paranoid, and people look at me weird, because I am picking him up and pulling him out of the group to sit to the side.
    Even other english bulldog owners seem to think I am doing something unnecessary.

    But it never fails. If I let him go much longer, suddenly he's puking his brains out onto the grass, and eating it back up.
    I had read an article recently that said if a dog starts puking after play, that could be the beginning of "bloat", and its extremely dangerous to let them keep playing.
    But he pukes almost every single time he plays. And I get super freaked out and worried when it happens.
    Im the only one there, (even with english bulldogs around) that seems to have to pull my dog off to the side and make him cool down.
    Like i said, everyone looks at me weird.

    Should I just let him play?

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    Default Re: Puking when playing hard?

    I say you do whatever's comfortable for you. I know Punkin throws up a little, and it can be just phlegm, after a couple minutes of hard play with Stig. But he's older and knows to relax for a bit when that happens. When he does, though, we ask them to stop for them to slow down or rest for a bit so he can catch his breath. Most of the time they listen.
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    Default Re: Puking when playing hard?

    I would doEXACTLY what you do.....Bulldogs sometimes just do not know when to rest. Banks is good t pacing herself, but Nitschke was not, he would play, run, chase, etc until he dropped if I had let him. He had to be monitored and controlled when he was in a group.... Just did not want to stop playing.

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    Default Re: Puking when playing hard?

    Louie over exerts himself until he throws up too.

    You crack me up, the way you explain it! I don't let him keep playing, & I get the weird looks too!

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    Default Re: Puking when playing hard?

    Daisy overexherts herself & throws up too. If she drinks it is all coming back out. I take her away from the group to rest also.
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