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Thread: What would cause this!

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    I do like cali baker I put quite a lot of Epsom salt in a bowl of lukewarm water and I soak the foot in it for as long as possible (a few minutes), I repeat it 3-4 times a day and usually after 2 days it's basically gone If they don't want to cooperate I just soak a piece of cotton wool and hold it on the cyst, it works great too.

    My Joey gets it sometimes, but in her case it's cos her foot gets moist due to rainy weather or if I fail to get it dry enough after her baths.
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    Charley hasn't had these, but one of our girls did. I didn't know the right thing to do, so used neosporin. I also alternated the antibiotic with fungus creams/sprays (like lomotril), in case the paw was yeasty. This helped if I caught it right away. I sure like the idea of Epsom salts and would try that to reduce the inflammation. Good idea!

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