I have three dogs, and my EB is the youngest. My Bugg, Mi'Me is a bit aggressive so it took about 2 months before she warmed up to Curly. You've lucked out that they are getting along so well now! My other dog (Frenchton), Sully, kind of stayed away from Curly in the beginning but now they constantly wrestle.

With all that said, most of the time they dogs will sort themselves out. Mi'me works as the regulator and if they two boys get too loud she steps betweens them and separates them. I learned from her to jump in if they are getting to rowdy with each other. If they start playing too rough (or too loud) I step between them and separate them, and say "Quiet down" to regulate their play. it works. I also find that the sharp puppy teeth really didn't bother Sully that much and he just dealt with it.

Good luck!! Puppies are so much fun.