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Thread: Blood in Ellie's urine

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    Default Re: Blood in Ellie's urine

    Quote Originally Posted by MARY BARNES View Post
    It is so great to get advice from Bully Mom's and Dad's ...I am Going to start the acv today in her water.
    Ellie is feeling better today. I gave her the pills ,and she spit them out ,had to put them I peanut butter...
    No Blood in her pee this morning ...Seems to be pee pee colour again...
    I guess the snow is good for something we say here"don't eat the yellow snow".
    Vet calling with results tomorrow keeping my fingers crossed ,Nothing bad shows up.

    Good of to hear she is getting better..... Give hugs from us
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    Default Re: Blood in Ellie's urine

    Glad she is doing better. I had a pup that had a uti, just after going on a trip. Got medication for her-it cleared up, and no more problems. Just make sure you give all the medication-even after she seems better. I used to have a coffee mug, with a dog on it, and it said "Don't eat yellow snow" I know that one! I hope test turns out okay!
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