Amber is transitioned from the crate to free roam. Successful is all about perspective........she has gone for months at a time and not touched anything. This week.....I should be so lucky........she decidede the power strip the tv plugs into had to go, she got a blue writing pen and I came home to ink all over her blanket she likes to drag around, bathroom door was left open and she took out the shower curtain, toliet paper and was chewed up the toliet plunger to some extent, somehow she got my granddaughters box of diapers and disassembled them. Two weeks ago it was water jugs and the cooking oil (that was a mess to clean up) and I thought it was Amber and Ruby tearing things up but Ruby has been back in her kennel so we know the culprit.......divide and the truth shall be seen.........all in all I would say we are between 85-93% successful. Good luck; I wish you many days of success. -ink-pen-jpg