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Thread: what fabrics do you find work best

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    Default Re: what fabrics do you find work best

    I wanted leather hubby wanted something totally different. I didnt win. But with diaper dogs and losing their diapers mircrofiber is a pain in the butt, hair sticks to it. I have to steam clean it every week. Hubby has admitted I was right and should have went with leather. Can you tell im gloating lol...This couch and its only a about two years old and its done. I want so badly to chuck it and use bean bag chairs till i can afford a new couch. Thats how much I hate this one.

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    Default Re: what fabrics do you find work best

    We also have a leather sectional which is great for hair, drool, etc...but when Tank goes "crazy dog" he has scratched it. I keep runner rugs (24x60) across the couch surface which does protect add some protection and when they get dirty, I just toss them in the washer.

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